Fabulous Wedding Cakes!

Whilst it might be hard to define what exactly constitutes an “awesome” wedding cake, it is safe to establish that you are not looking at the traditional tiered-fondant cake that typifies so many wedding cakes. A wedding cake should reflect the couple’s personalities, preferences and tastes, which means it should be a bit more than just a "pretty looking fruit cake". Of course nowadays, cake making is as much an art as any culinary profession – as such the amount of energy and time that cake designers put in for bringing creativity in cakes is simply invaluable. Modern wedding cakes not only signify unparalleled beauty, but also taste heavenly. 

Here are five of the most beautiful and unusual wedding cakes designed by modern chefs and home bakers, who have revolutionised the way we see cakes.

Cake Ball Cake

Whilst Macarons and cupcakes are pretty much yesterday's news when it comes to the avant garde cake make, a less common approach is that of the cake ball cake. A cake ball cake is displayed on a tiered-stand to look just like a traditional wedding cake, however, the difference is that instead of cake slices, it is served as little pop-sized cake bites. These gooey, melt-in-the-mouth balls, not only look spectacular on a tiered stand, but also provide the guests with a variety of flavours and colours. The cake is perfect for your wedding if you are following an eccentric theme, or you like whimsical objects. 

This unusual cake was originally made by Kelly Lyden, a professional party planner and owner of the popular website “The Party Dress.” According to Kelly’s original tutorial, first you have to make a tiered cake and cover it with white fondant. Then take the required number of cake balls and dye them in whatever colour you want to use. Insert toothpicks throughout the cake, essentially covering all the areas where the balls are supposed to be attached. You can then simply pierce each ball through the toothpick, to give it the ball-like illusion all over.

The Most Colourful Wedding Cake in the World 

Designed for Kevin Sharkey’s wedding by his mother and aunt, the most colourful wedding cake in the world is not just any ordinary rainbow cake; this mammoth cake contains 60 layers of different colours! The cake is designed in the shape of a log, and uses a simple white cake recipe with cream-cheese icing to hold up the cake. Different sections are baked in round pans of varying size and sections are then cut into semi-circular layers which are put together as a whole log-cake. 

If you want to attempt to make this yourself, or have it made by someone, you can get the recipe along with detailed assembly instructions from Martha Stewart’s website, the link of which you can find in the "References" section below. 

Super Mario Wedding Cake 

This wedding cake is truly the epitome of "going against the curve" when it comes to wedding cake tradition. A "100% edible Chocolate Decadence Cake" (read massively chocolatey!), this wedding cake captures the more fun side of the imagination complimenting both the bride and groom's love of everything geeky! Modelled after various versions of the popular Super Mario franchise, from Super Mario Galaxy through to Super Mario Kart, this cake was created by California bakery "Let Them Eat Cake" and has found itself to have quite the following with plenty of imitators.

Pyramides de Sorbet

Originally created by a famous pastry chef Florian Bellanger, Pyramids de Sorbet is a spectacular ice-cream cake, which will certainly make a very dramatic appearance at your wedding. The tiered cake is entirely covered with realistic-looking fruits such as grapes, raspberries, bananas, lemons, apples and oranges. Each of these fruits covers edible nougatine cones, which are moulded from fresh sorbet. Disassembling the cake is half the fun at the wedding, and is certainly a refreshing treat for all the guests.

Chandelier Cake 

Created by Colette Peters, this white-on-white fondant confectionary cake has been rated among “America’s most beautiful cakes” in BRIDES magazine. The cake is shaped to look like an art-deco chandelier, on which you will find the most intricate gum-paste pearls and flowers. What is more, even the pedestal base has been created from sugar, which gives it an absolutely ethereal look. The cake has originally been designed in nine unusual tiers including the pedestal base. 


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