Wedding Cake Pops

Cake pops are a huge craze as wedding cake alternatives at the moment. The wedding cupcake is also still going strong, with guests being given an individual cake instead of a slice of a much larger one. Both wedding cake pops and cupcakes are normally very lavishly decorated are look stunning when displayed at your reception venue. However, we mustn’t forget the traditional wedding fruitcake which is still first choice with many brides. Flavoured with the sweetest fruits and covered with layers of royal white icing, who could resist a slice of this scrummy favourite?! Whether you prefer a more traditional tiered cake or a super modern alternative, there are so many choices open to brides these days.  With cakes mainly being for decorative purposes your imagination is really the only barrier! Brides of old has to stick stringently to wedding customs as everything had a meaning and was said to bring good or bad luck. Be thankful that you, the beautiful and blushing bride, do not have to have your wedding cake crumbled over your head as they would have! For more fun facts about wedding cake traditions and styles check out our Infographic!


Daley enjoys reading and writing about all things related to weddings, but especially wedding cakes. He works with Fiona Cairns Wedding Cakes, who provide every wedding and event with a cake for the ages.





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